Entrance furniture: creative solutions for your entrance (part 1)

Read the post and get inspired by the creative and beautiful entrance furnishing and decorating ideas for small and large entryways and find the right one that suits you and is perfect for your own home.

Here is the first part of “Entrance furniture: creative solutions for your entrance”.

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How to furnish and decorate your entrance hall

Your entrance hallway has one of the most important attributions in your home. It is the place that welcomes your guests, it is your business card. Here, also is the place where you throw away your outerwear and shoes and let steam away all the work stress before entering your home.

Therefore, naturally everyone dreams of an elegant and well-designed entrance hallway with custom made furniture that perfectly fits into the available space. A special kind of furniture that will hide all your stuff and clutter.

Unfortunately, not too many of us have enough square footage in the entryway and a generous budget to fulfill all our wishes. But the good news is there is always a good solution. With creativity, inspiration, and knowing your needs and possibilities you can make wonders.

First of all, you need to know that furniture for the entrance hall way should be a multi-functional furniture. In other words, to do several functions at the same time, such a storage, sitting bench, and so on. Of course, our needs are not the same. They differ a lot from family to family.

For example, if you have kids, it is a clever idea to have entrance furniture with a built-in bench and a lot of storage space. Otherwise, if you are single student, you can easily and simply create your own furniture with shelves.

Entrance hallway with storage furniture

However, regardless the space you have available, storage is always an important thing for any entryway. The furniture for any entrance hallway should accommodate your stuff.

This special kind of entrance hallway furniture is not found in any interior design catalogue. Why? Because it should be manufactured according to everyone needs.

Beautiful entrances with smart entrance furniture

 We have selected here many smart and creative ideas of entrance hallway furniture and how to create beautiful entryways. Of course, which piece of furniture it is good for your home depends on your personal needs and obviously on how many people use the home entrance.

The “invisible” entrance furniture

If you are lucky enough to live in a big home and therefore have a large entrance hallway you can create a calm feeling, lightness, and abundance with the help of a large cupboard. Here, you will have enough space for all outdoor clothes, shoes, and other stuff. The cabinet should be in a neutral color, without handles, blending as much as possible in with the color of the wall. Then you need to place other light and beautiful furniture in the hallway, which will take the focus away from the large cabinet. The overall décor impression becomes minimalist and Scandinavian.

The home-built entrance hallway furniture

On the contrary, if you are living in a small home or apartment and obviously, you don’t have a large entrance hallway, you need to invent and create one.

Sometimes, in many city apartments your front door leads directly into the open space where is the living room, dining room, and the kitchen and then it’s a matter of looking at all the possibilities you have.

In this case, a home-built window or a glass wall creates a separate room and at the same time maintains connection with the rest of your home interior. Indeed, a clever way to create a small entrance hallway.

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