Ryobi ProTip Paint Sprayer Tool Review

You have an uncertain sensation the moment you pull the “Ryobi ProTip Paint Sprayer Tool” out of its case. The tool seems to be heavy and quite off balance, even it is no paint in it yet.

Paint Sprayer Tool
Ryobi ProTip Paint Sprayer

Now you should be absolutely sincere before reading this article. Maybe you are not an enthusiast of these types of homeowner paint sprayers due to the fact they simply do not work so effectively as professional sprayers that you can see on factories or on job sites. You should know that is only an impression, because essentially any type of paint sprayer, professional or not creates an extremely fine paint mist. In other words, any paint sprayer spit a large glob of paint on the wall surface. However, let’s see the features of this painting tool.


Unfortunately, unlike other tools produced by this manufacturer, “Ryobi” Paint Sprayer Tool Protip this is not quite a success and I will explain in this article, why.


Owner’s Manual! The Owner’s Manual is just a small brochure that apparently does not include any type of graphics. A minus point of this manual is that any detailed drawing or a tool view are included only at the end of the brochure, instead of being at the beginning of the manual. So, if you are a kind of visual learner or an anxious user, you will not find them easily, not to mention the fact there is no illustration.

Lubrication! First thing you need to do is lubricate a tool’s piston. It is pretty hard to find this mentioned piston. You cannot find any illustration in the owner’s manual or any kind of video online that can help you. It is a shame that the manufacturer company did not create a simple video, posted online, which could show you how to proceed.

Video clips are vital when you need to perform some critical task such as lubricating a piston. If you get this incorrect and oil another part, certainly your device gets stuck and stops working.

Thin Paint! This paint sprayer tool requires a very diluted paint and very thin so that it can work effectively. Unfortunately, nowhere in the owner’s manual did it state to thin your paint.

Spraying! Using this tool is quite difficult and uncomfortable due to its length, but the tool is working quite similar to any other paint sprayer tool. It is in fact, more “a paint spitter” than a paint sprayer tool.

Tool’s Special Feature! This tool includes a special function that enables you to rotate its tip to unclog the paint sprayer. Unfortunately, you will often need to use this feature and sometime without result. The tool will stop spraying, and the paint will drip down in front of the canister.

For these several reasons, this tool cannot get a good review.

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