“Everlasting Flowers” – A new home decorating trend

Decorating with dried and sustainable flowers – a trend that is here to stay

The bouquets of dried flowers are here to stay. Now they also have colorful and sparkling company.

Sustainable flowers are also here to stay. And by sustainable flowers, we don’t mean organic flowers. Rather the kind ones that lasts “forever”.

In the last years, we have seen that dried flowers have really made their way into our contemporary homes. Fortunately, this decorating trend looks set to last for long time.

Dried Flowers

More than that dried flowers are about to be joined by other perennial and everlasting “flowers”.

We are speaking here about charming, handmade flower decorations.

Beautiful flowers that bring nature in our homes, even if they are artificial. Most of them are made of paper, others of pearls, as well as various other materials.

We have selected in our YouTube channel, alternatives to fresh flowers videos that you can be inspired by. The advantage of these is that they will last forever, and thus always provide an element of freshness and color in the home.

Some of these projects can be done if you have the will and a lot of effort, while others are best left to professionals. Anyway, they are very inspiring and beautiful to look at.

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The most beautiful paper flowers

Beautiful paper flowers for you home interior, which you can’t help but be happy about. They look absolutely real, and also look just as good as new year after year.

But would you like to try your hand and creativity at making such flowers yourself? You can check the tutorials on the YouTube channels. But you need to be patient. After all, it takes a lot of practice to get a good and decent result.

Pearls – a perfect material for flowers

Indeed – pearls are a perfect material for flowers. We are not talking about just classic plastic beads, but small glass beads in beautiful colors.

Dried flower bouquets

As I have mentioned above, the decorating trend with dried flowers looks set to last forever. They are also a lovely alternative to the above floral options.

What do you think about a mixture between, for example, paper flowers and dried flowers?

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