Everything you want to know about the right floor!

You will of course want to have the right floor installed!

Everything you need to know about choosing the right floor!

If you’re relocating or remodeling your home, you’ll want to get the correct floor built or install it yourself (for the handymen among us ;)). Choosing a floor is a difficult undertaking. You have a lot on your mind; perhaps you have a budget? Do you secretly desire underfloor heating?

We have provided some samples in this article. This way, you and your partner can think about it thoroughly and make the best decision for your home!

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 You will find there, thousands of designing, furnishing, and decorating ideas for your home interior and outdoors.

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Floor types:

There are numerous goods and concepts available for floors. It has to fit your personality, which might be challenging at times. Fortunately, nowadays you may choose any color or pattern for your floors. PVC can be used to create a concrete look, while wood can be used to make a herringbone floor or a Hungarian point. You can also take floors that have no joints and are a tight whole. Everything is conceivable. We’ll go over your options with you…

The following species are discussed in this article:

flooring made with laminate.

hardwood floors

flooring made of concrete.

tiles on the floor carpet

PVC flooring

Laminate Flooring:

Advantages: Laminate is not easily damaged, even if you walk on it in high stiletto heels ;). Laminate floors are now nearly indistinguishable from real wood floors in terms of quality. This option is also significantly less expensive than a full wood floor.

Disadvantages: If your laminate is damaged, it is difficult or impossible to restore. With a laminate floor, you must also be cautious of wetness or spilled drinks. It is often not a problem if you clean it soon. However, stains and bumps can appear if you are late in clearing up. As a result, wherever possible, utilize a floor protector.

Wood Flooring:

Advantages: A genuine wooden floor is both beautiful and functional. Wood is extremely durable and long-lasting. Even if you damage your floor, it is not a major issue. Wooden floors are simple to keep clean. If your floor has dents, you can sand it and let the dents vanish.

Disadvantages: A wooden floor is less pleasant for women wearing high heels because you can’t walk on it. When you step on the tiny heel, you make holes in the wood. As a result, you must use extreme caution when working with wooden floors. They cannot handle moist environments, so be sure your home is not very humid before purchasing one.

Concrete Floor:

Benefits: Poured floors are simple to maintain. They can be kept clean and are simple to install. Cast floors can be installed in any room. The beauty of these floors is that they are merely a thin layer. Therefore, you do not need to consider skirting boards, etc. It can be poured over your existing floor. Cast flooring comes in a variety of hues, not just gray! The flooring are waterproof and can be combined with underfloor heating, making it perfect for families with children.

Disadvantages: There are a few drawbacks to cast floors. They wear out faster and can discolor than other types of floors. It is also possible that they will develop cracks.


Pros: Carpeted floors, yes, they still exist! They have a number of wonderful advantages. In the winter, your soft carpet floor keeps your feet deliciously warm. Carpet also acts as a direct insulator against cold and noise in your house. Fortunately, these floorings do not allow you to quickly slip through the carpet. Don’t be too concerned if you accidentally damage your carpet; carpet is one of the least expensive flooring options.

Downsides: The downsides of carpet include that more dust accumulates on the floor as a result of the carpet’s retention, making upkeep more difficult, for example, with stains in your carpet. Carpet is also prone to deterioration and is not long-lasting.

PVC Flooring:

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has several advantages. These floors are quite useful! They are long-lasting and simple to maintain. This floor is compatible with underfloor heating and is simple to change or relocate. You can’t even destroy this floor with water.

Disadvantages: With PVC floors, the subfloor must be altered and made equal. It takes time to change the floor, but then you have something! You should avoid using rubber on this floor since it causes color change.

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