Modern and Cozy two-story loft-style apartments – Design Ideas

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In the last decades luxury, opulence, pomposity as well as an abundance of dΓ©cor elements in the interior design have been replaced by simpler, practical modern styles.

More than that many of these new and modern design concepts use unusual techniques and elements. They are in fact, expressive dΓ©cor elements.


I’m speaking about exposed brick walls, wires, pipes, and beams.

If you are interested about two-story apartments with loft bedrooms, please read this post and watch our new uploaded video from our YouTube channel:

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Modern and Cozy two-story loft-style apartments – Design Ideas (video)

Here, in our video, you will find around fifty amazing design ideas for two-story loft-style apartments.

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The interior of a two-story loft-style apartment

The main benefits of a two-story loft style apartment are the high-ceiling and the large open space at the first floor that brings together living room, dining room, kitchen and eventually a modern home office.

The presence of high ceilings allows architects and designers to create a second floor, which obviously helped separate the bedrooms from the rest of the apartments without losing the feeling of spaciousness.

On contrary, the inside staircases that leads to them increase the feeling of comfort and coziness.


Modern approach of two-story loft-style apartment

I warmly recommend you watch our video. You will be amazed by the beautiful and creative designer ideas for this apartment type. You will also see that the best design of these apartments is done with modern approach.

The best design idea for this kind of apartment is made with a futuristic approach.

The loft bedroom apartment combines modern and also contemporary approach.


Two-story loft-style apartments today

Two-story apartment design in loft style is definitely an absolute hit in the last years.

This increasingly popular interior design style is preferred by many of us who love minimalist style, functionality, and freedom of design.

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