House Entrance – First Impression Counts

A beautifully designed and decorated entry is often the best way to impress your guests. A decorated entrance to a house is more like an achievement of a work of art. You just need a little imagination and willpower.

Dark, cold and unfriendly entrances scare the guests and visitors, not to mention the potential home-buyers, in case you want to sell your property. The home entrance represents us as people, characterizing the house and the personality of the owners.

When we speak of “entrances”, we do not specifically refer only to the entrance doors. They can be provided with additional elements, such as terraces or/and porches, which are interposed between the living space and the exterior, or refuges, located in front of the door and supported by columns, pilasters and niches. Often in front of the house there is a driveway leading to the front door, which is also part of this special place that is generically called “entrance”.

Also often nowadays entrance is an independent space, which is mostly inside the house and that tends increasingly to have walls or even large areas of glass. Therefore the house entry can be considered a “winter garden”, or a small greenhouse whose flowers and plants, delight your guests. For such kind of entrance, light, warm colours and generous glass areas are the most suitable. Even the door handle could be friendlier than one that is chosen at random, just because it should. However, this entrance also has a practical role as a “shield” good against the cold, and protecting in this way, the rooms of the house.

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The Driveway (Alley) & The Flowerbeds: Very important is the driveway that welcomes guests and that leads them to the door. This alley leading to entry may be paved with ceramic tile, terracotta, natural stone, marble, colored or matte ceramic mosaic. Pavements with medallions are quite popular, being at the same time, the entrance focal element. It can also be paved with large granite stones or other natural stones. However, attention to the colors you use to avoid kitsch.

It is recommended that the flowerbeds on both sides of the trail of to be easy to maintain, durable and to give a great look to the entrance.

Natural Decorative Elements & Symmetry: The entrances where the emphasis is on natural decorative elements are extremely attractive.

Symmetry principle is the most popular method of the arrangement of entrances. Symmetric elements should be placed on both sides of the door. In addition, your decorative project needs a focal point to capture the visitor attention as in any other decorative project.

For decorating is better to use natural elements such as arrangements of green, wood or plants, pavement stone, brick, ceramics etc. An elegant arrangement can be achieved by placing on the right and left of the entrance door of rectangular large pots (pots), made ​​of wood, containing decorative plants and flowers. However, this method of decoration is used, especially for less demanding entrances, where the space does not allow a grandiose arrangement. If housing is provided with a partially covered patio, hanging baskets with pendant plants can be used very well as an ornament. Try to be consistent when choosing the shape and color of these baskets / pots. Do not forget that the colors, composition and subject must be harmonized so that, together, to form a coherent whole.

The Entrance Door: Choosing a suitable door for your home is extremely important. It must be appropriate to the style, material and the building as a whole. The entrance door must also be in terms of chromatic in harmony with the façade colors and nuances.

Most times, new and modern buildings but also traditional buildings have simple doors with straight lines, on whose surfaces are seen small glass windows. The reason is simple. The interior will look much more inviting if the door allows sunlight penetration. If you live in an area with plenty of turmoil and traffic is recommended to use thicker glass, specially made ​​for noise protection.

Mailbox, Doorbell & Co: It is good that the mailbox, lanterns, doorbell to be purchased at the same time to match each other. Handles, plates with names and house numbers are often products of stainless steel because they can be very well combined with other materials. However, apart from stainless steel it can be used aluminum, brass or bronze.

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