Drywall Measuring and Cutting

Cutting drywall is easy if you know how to do it.

Making Inside Cuts

First, let’s see what is actually a drywall and what it is made. Drywall, also known as sheetrock, plasterboard, gypsum board is an indispensable and popular building material, used everywhere in residential, commercial and industrial constructions. It is made of gypsum and paper. In fact, its core is made of gypsum plaster between two paper sheets.

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For straight cuts, you need a straight line, measure tape and a utility knife. Start cutting on its face paper.

If you slice, with a utility knife through its face paper and not too deep into gypsum you will create a faulty line. Then, turn the drywall face down and pressure it along the created line and the panel will snap. Use again the utility knife and cut the paper.

This procedure is working only for strength cuts and on a new, not installed drywall panel.

However, many times you need to make an inside cut. In this case, you need to do that manually, using a jab saw or a drywall router. With patience and exercise, you will be able to cut drywall openings.

Using a jab saw, you can cut circular openings for pipes or ceiling recessed lights.

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