House Tours – Amazing Scandinavian Design Style Ideas

Scandinavian Interior Style

We have spoken many times in our articles about Scandinavian style design. Also, we have uploaded many videos regarding this amazing and interesting design themes in our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” .

Scandinavian Design

Today, we are uploading a new video with the same theme, namely:

House Tours, #20 – Amazing Scandinavian Design Style Ideas (video)

You will discover here, more than forty design ideas.

They will give an idea on how to set up a modern Scandinavian style home interior.

But let’s see again several considerations regarding this extremely popular design style, which is Scandinavian style or Nordic style.

Scandinavian Design 2

Scandinavian style main features

A Scandinavian interior style is mainly characterized by simplicity, functionality, and minimalism.

Although this design style was extremely popular starting with the 1950s, it still remains one of the most popular and used interior design to this day.

And more than that the future is very promising for this design style.

Scandinavian style is inspired by the connection with nature

In any Scandinavian home interior, you will only find nature-friendly materials such as wood, stone, leather, hemp fiber, glass, and stone.

Especially wood, which is extensively used from floors to wall panels, furniture, and decorative accessories.

Indeed, this design style is inspired by the connection with nature.

You can see that in every detail, so it is not surprising that abstraction, natural forms, and the use of natural materials is usually combined in an amazing overall home décor.

Scandinavian Design 3

The use of warm fabrics in Scandinavian style décor

 Because the Scandinavian countries are North European countries with a cold climate, the use of warm fabrics in the home décor is a common practice.

The use of warm fabrics can be in form of carpets, rugs, throws, which are made of course, from natural materials such as sheepskin, wool, or mohair.

They are a great way to add warmth, comfort, coziness and even elegance to any home interior.

Scandinavian Design 4

The simplicity of Nordic style design

As I have already mentioned, simplicity is one of the pillars of this popular interior design, which is Scandinavian style design.

Therefore, if you want a genuine Nordic style home interior, always choose décor elements of a simple design when it comes to decorate your own home interior.

Scandinavian Design 5

Nordic style design and indoor plants

Plants will always bring life to your home. Any Scandinavian home interior is characterized by greenery and colors. So, bring beauty to your home interior with the help of indoor plants.

Combine metal and wood

You can see in our videos that in any Scandinavian home interior, wood is used not just for floors and walls, but also for furniture pieces and lamps. It is used in combination with metals, which give a specific chic touch to the elements.

This is everything for today article.

We will speak more about this amazing design style, which is Scandinavian style or Nordic style in our future posts.

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