Glass Countertops – An Ultimate Luxury Touch

Glass countertops have an indisputable charm and elegance and they bring an ultimate luxury touch to any kitchen or bathroom. Considered to be in the same luxurious and elegant class as marble or granite countertops, they are fit for homeowners who are looking for something unusual and quite unique in their kitchens. Glass countertops are generally made from glass shards and you can choose from a wide range of clear, patterned, textured or mottled, textured glass.

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Glass Countertop Pros

1. Glass countertops are available in a huge variety of colors, patterns and textures, so there is practically no limit when it comes to a custom application or a color scheme.
2. Glass countertops are non-porous so that they are easy to clean. More than that a glass countertop cannot be stained.
3. Glass countertops do not harbor germs or bacteria.
4. Glass countertops are heat resistant, making them suitable for any kind of kitchen.
5. Glass countertops are aesthetic. They can easily be contoured or curved. Another aesthetic pro is that glass countertops reflect the light, enhancing the lighting in the kitchen or bathroom area.
Glass countertops create a spacious, bright and elegant décor for the kitchen especially when they are paired with glass-fronted cabinet doors.

Glass Countertop Cons

1. Debris and dirt are visible on glass countertops.
2. Fingerprints and water spots are also visible on glass countertops, so if you have a kids or a heavily used kitchen, glass countertops are not the best practical choice.
3. Glass countertop surface can easily scratch, break or chip under shocks and pressure.
4. A significant disadvantage of glass countertops is that, unless you use an opaque screen or paint coat underneath the glass, the inside of your kitchen cabinets are highly visible. So, whatever design decision you make for this under glass screen will be practically permanent.
5. Glass surface can be easily stained and corroded by chemicals, especially acidic substances.
6. The most important drawback is that glass countertops are quite expensive, in fact more expensive than other options.

Glass Countertops – Care and Maintenance

Glass countertops are almost no maintenance and extremely easy to clean. It is enough to wipe the glass surface with warm water using a soft piece of cloth, and letting it dry afterwards. It is the most effective, easy and simple way to clean a glass surface. However a special detergent or Windex can help you to remove stubborn fingerprints and any greasy marks. DON’T USE any acidic cleaning or abrasive substance.

Glass Countertops – An Ultimate Luxury Touch

If you want to enhance the look of your space, kitchen or bathroom, and ‘wow’ your guests every time they get into your kitchen, bar or bathroom area, this is the best way to do it. Choose a beautiful and unique glass countertop.

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