How to Clean Drywall Dust Residue Off of Hardwood and Tile Flooring

Drywall is the most common construction material used especially to build interior or exterior walls. After installation or renovation and before painting the joint mud has to be sanded. That can be extremely messy, because of the large amount of dust resulted.

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Of course you can protect the working area with plastic sheeting but it won’t be sufficient. Let’s see some practical steps to clean drywall dust.

1. Protect the working area before sanding:

You can hang plastic sheeting to surround the working area.

Lay also, plastic sheeting over the entire floor.

Cover the air ducts and the doorways with plastic sheeting and tape.

Remove any window or door screen.

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2. Clean the drywall dust:

DO NOT try to use a mop before using a vacuum cleaner, because you will make a mess.

When vacuuming, start first with the walls, using a vacuum cleaner brush. Vacuum starting from the top of the walls to the bottom and use a thin vacuum attachment for the corners. Use again the brush attachment for the floors.

Vacuum thoroughly everything from walls to floors getting as much of the drywall dust as you can. Using a dried cloth wipe the walls.

Then, with a damp cloth get the rest of the dust. Do it several times till the dust is gone. Clean regularly the dirty cloth in a bucket filled with clean water.

Warning: Drywall dust is very fine and can easily spread around. Use a breathing mask and goggles when you are sanding or vacuuming.

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