How Can You Make the Sliding Windows More Slippery on the Tracks (Channels)

There is a wide range of sliding windows. You can find vinyl windows, wood windows, aluminum windows, and fiberglass windows. Many times regardless of the type of window, the mobile sash does not slide properly on track. That can be frustrating. You have just cleaned the windows and they refuse to open. You have ignored the window track or, maybe not, but the sliding window track is too narrow, is not enough room to work with.

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If you look to the window track, you can see a long black dirt trail. In years, dirt, grime and dust have accumulated in this narrow space. If your sliding windows are made from aluminum, and are old and corroded, it may happen to look bad even after cleaning. However, they will be clean and functional.

Things you need: Vacuum cleaner, old tooth brush, putty knife, rags, dish soap, empty spray bottle.

1. Using your garden house, spray the closed windows from outside. Pour in the spray bottle a solution from dish soap and water. Spray the solution into the window track and allow time to soak. Use your old toothbrush to scrub the dirty matter. Rinse well with water.
2. For the interior, use first your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum thoroughly the window track using the vacuum hose end or brush end attachment.
3. Spray the dish soap solution into the track. Of course, it would be much better if you can remove the mobile slash of the window. Sometime it is very simple. You should only, put the mobile part of the window in the maximum open position. Grab the slash with the both hands raise it and pass it over the track. Sometime there is a plastic stopper that prevents the slash to coming out.
4. Use a putty knife to clean the track. Use the toothbrush to scrub as well. Spray again the soap solution and wipe to remove the water and dirt.
5. Before, installing back the slash, clean the part of the window, which is in contact with the track.

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