How to Clean Your Leather Furniture

How to Clean Your Leather Furniture

Today, the interior design of a modern house is inconceivable without leather furniture.

Leather furniture is preferred for several reasons such as durability, elegance, style and easy maintenance.

However, you should keep in mind that the leather, as material is porous, and any spilled liquid can penetrate and dry inside of it. Therefore, it is advisable to wipe quickly, with a dry cloth, any spilled liquid.

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1. Read carefully all information relating to your type of leather furniture. You can find this information, regarding cleaning, on the tag or from the manufacturer papers.
2. One of the big problems with leather furniture is that it scratches very easily. Therefore, when you vacuum, use only soft brushes attachments.
3. DO NOT use tap water to clean your leather furniture. Chlorine from the tap water can discolor the leather.
4. DO NOT use also anything harsh that could severely damage the leather.
5. Use only mild liquid soap or body wash such as Neutrogena or Dove.

a) Pour some drops into a quart of distilled water. Mix well until the solution start to bubble.
b) Try the solution on a piece of leather from the back of the furniture.
c) Use only a soft and white cloth. Dip this cloth into solution and then squeeze it well.
d) Start from one furniture end. Wipe the entire surface, in gently circular motions.
e) Now, dip another white cloth into clear distilled water without liquid soap. Wipe again, the entire surface of your furniture. Do not let any trace of soap.
f) This time use a dry cloth. Wipe thoroughly again, you leather furniture, until is completely dried.

6. Use leather conditioner or protector to prevent any liquid spill to penetrate inside of leather.

7. Tips for different kind of stains:

Ink – use rubbing alcohol
Ink from Newsprint – use hairspray and wipe with a clean cloth
Grease – use only a dry cloth

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