Warm Scandi Style | Warmed Up with Accessories

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Scandinavian style or Nordic style dates back at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. It starts, of course, in northern Europe in Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

It began to gain popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. Now it is an ongoing trend in the interior design industry.


In Scandinavian home interiors, no matter the size, functionality, minimalism, and simplicity as well the use of natural materials, especially wood, count above anything else.


We can see everywhere the influences of minimalism, which is manifested both in the form and design of furniture items and decorative accessories.

And that is our design theme for today. Scandinavian decorative accessories, which warm up the home interiors.


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Warm Scandi Style #2 | Warmed Up with Accessories (video)

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Clear moderation and precision when you choose decorative accessories

Moderation and precision?! Yeah, you need that if you want a truly genuine Scandinavian style home interior. This is due to both practical and aesthetic assumptions.

A small number of accessories and furniture pieces as well light and neutral colors are the essence of the Scandinavian dΓ©cor.

They optically enlarge the living space and create the illusion of spaciousness. They also illuminate the interior, make it brighter. This is so important in northern Europe, where the climate is cold, overwhelming, and cloudy.

The bright home interiors, help to break the gloomy of nature.


Decorating accessories that warm up the decor

Light is important for any home interior, especially Scandinavian home interiors. But also, the warmth of the interiors plays an important role in our life.

You can say that Nordic style home interiors are cold and impersonal.

Nothing more wrong than that.


Scandinavian home interiors are elegant, stylish, comfortable, and cozy.

This is due to the amazing decorative accessories such as textiles, decorative pillows, ceramic vases, indoor plants, candles, lanterns, faux fur, cow hides, etc.

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