How to Create a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

Patio prep

Creating an outdoor living space for your home to share with your friends and family shouldn’t be too difficult to design or too expensive. In fact, a beautiful outdoor place is a great addition to every house.

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Summertime is always Patio Time

Putting together an enjoyable outdoor living space in the backyard of your house is easy and simple to do. Moreover such a space is necessary, considering that during the summer most of the people use their outdoor space than their indoor space. So it is natural for you to invest in furnishing and decoration of such space just like in your home indoor space.

It is true that many people are spending a considerable amount of money on their outside patio and backyard spaces, but not always money makes the difference. There are many and various ways to reduce your costs without affecting the overall look of your outdoor space.

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Some Tips that Can Help You Save Money

1. Colour:  Adding color to your décor is a simple and easy step that is also an inexpensive way to improve the look of your outdoor space. Choose only several pieces of furniture patio and dress them up with colorful cushions or throws. However, when you pick a color you should take in consideration the patio location.

  • If your patio is separated from the family room or living room by just a glass wall or glass door, you should continue the same color theme from inside to outside in a harmonious way, without clashing each other.
  • If your patio is separated from your home then you can give free rein to your imagination, not being constrained by any rule.

However, this year color is definitely in. Last year, there was a lot of taupe and grey, but this year a patio furniture abound in a multitude of colors such as white for a dining table and chairs, grey, orange and blue. A smart way to incorporate color without clashing is to have neutral frames and to tie cushions together with the same nuances and tones. It is more economical to invest in custom cushions every year than buying a brand new furniture set.

2. Furniture: Buying two or three lounge chairs, an ottoman and table with a couple of metal or rattan chairs is not quite a big investment. So, you need only to pick some furniture pieces that you really like and to decorate them with some cushions in vivid colours.

Start all the time with the seating, such as a sofa or a sectional, and only then you can add the rest of the furniture such as coffee table, end tables and of course, toss cushions.

It’s not wrong to have different colors on your furniture, but the furniture pieces have to match (frames and fabrics) otherwise the result is a clash of colors and patterns.

Choosing modular pieces can allow flexibility. A sectional with different modular pieces can provide a multitude of options, such as a loveseat and a chaise, separating out the seating a bit. However, it is better not to make the seating too tight. It’s extremely important to leave space for you and guests to move around.

3. Accessories: You shouldn’t forget the accessories. They are an important part of any kind of decoration. Pictures, vases, mirrors, mirrors even small tabletop fireplaces can add a charming touch.

CONCLUSION: The secret key to create a great living space whether it is outside or inside of your home, is to make that space useable and comfortable.

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