Several Balcony Decorating Ideas

When it is beautiful weather for the weekend and you have no plans to go out in the hustle and bustle of the city, you can sit on the balcony to listen to music, read a book or catch up with a dear friend.

But for this of course, the balcony should offer you a pleasant, unique ambiance.

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1. A Romantic Style

This style of decorating is a pleasant, pastel style, characterized by colouristic accents like fuchsia or white and pink. In fact, two wooden chairs and a flower stand, painted white completes the entire “landscape”. These simple items match perfectly with a small, round, metal table.

Cushions and a pale pink braided rug can create a very pleasant atmosphere. If you want to serve tea on your balcony, then a set of porcelain cups, simple and finely crafted would fit perfectly with this nostalgic style of decoration.

2. A Colourful Style

A colorful style can cheer up any atmosphere, but it is recommended to orient yourself, just toward 2-3 shades that will attract the viewer’s attention because by using a mixture of colors can easily turn your balcony into a kitsch.

For example, blue and yellow are two strong colors that stand out easily and can be found both in furniture and decorative accessories. So if you decide to use these two colors, you have to be careful how you combine them harmoniously with the other nuances.

3. An Asian Style

This style is characterized mainly by dark furniture adorned with colorful patterns. The low table with beautifully carved legs should be matched by large pillows or stools with little specific Kimono models, on which you can sit comfortably.

For privacy you can install a willow screen. Depending on the season you can use little branches of blooming cherry to replace other flowers and to decorate beautiful your balcony. Very suitable for the Asian style is an ornament, a statue symbolizing Buddha seated on table.

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4. A Natural Style

You just take a look at nature to find the right colors for this style. Nature must be our inspiration. Of course green and shades of brown are the predominant colors. Unvarnished acacia wood furniture has a very nice effect. Knitted flower pots and woven silk covers for seat cushions are also very suitable.

Tall vases of clay where you can carefully plant colorful field flowers will create a perfect natural effect.

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