Big Design Ideas for … Small Studio Apartments, #2

Regardless their size studio apartments can be fully furnished and decorated and have an elegant design.

Please watch the new uploaded video from our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” if you are wondering how.

Big Design Ideas for Small … Studio Apartments, #2 (video)

The architectural space of any kind of studio apartment from these images are designed and arranged in a professional matter and with carefully attention to ensure the resident(s) a comfortable lifestyle.

How to properly set up a studio apartment

Why a video and a post about studio apartment?

Many of us, especially young people and single persons are living in such residential units.

The are many reasons, much cheaper than a one-bedroom apartment, close from work, close from the city core, etc.

Sometimes, furnishing and decorating a small studio apartment can be a challenge.

After all, how to fit everything, from living room to kitchen and bedroom in just one single small space?

It takes professionalism, lot of planning, ingenuity, customization, attention to details, and a lot of inspiration.

Photo by B InteriorSearch living room design ideas

For this reason, we have selected and uploaded these amazing creative ideas on our video.

You can have a peek inside of talented interior designers’ work that could inspire you.

In other words, you will find affordable design ideas, stylish creations, and space saving tips and solutions.

Bold accents and standout items

Your studio apartment may be small, but the whole décor does not have to be boring.

You should use bold accents, from vivid color spots to an eye-catching artwork or a beautiful furniture piece.

These meaningful details can really help and will turn your small living space into an elegant home interior with a unique look, far away from boring.

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Define your personality and style

We have said that many times in almost all our videos and posts and we are saying again.

Give personality to your living space through colors and especially through decorations that represent you and have a sentimental value for you.

A consistent design concept is created by using the same color combination throughout the studio apartment. This is the background. It remains only to add your personality through furnishing and decorations.

Turn your studio apartment into one bedroom apartment – separate the bed

Do not let the bedroom space in the center of the studio apartment where everyone can see it.

It is a good idea to separate the bed from the rest of the apartment.

You need to create a visual separation. Everything can act as a room divider, from glass walls and diverse screens to a bookshelf, curtain, or even a TV stand.

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