How to do a Stunning Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Welcome your guests

Welcome your guests by setting up a winter scene; gather greens, ornaments, lanterns, and a fluffy blanket and display them on a sled or a bench near your entrance door.

An Easy Holiday

To get holiday ready in a hurry, simply fill an outdoor urn with greens, and top with a big red bow.

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Show the spirit of the season

Show off the spirit of the season with a wintertime wreath; fill 1/3 of a Bundt pan with water, add flower, herbs or berries. Freeze, then add water and freeze again. After that hang on a tree with a ribbon.

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Give a gift of holiday cheer to your feathered friends

For the bird lover, set out birdseed, apples and nuts in your backyard so you can watch them enjoy your treats.

Ring in happiness

Spruce up a plain wreath by tacking on bells with wire and looping with colour ribbon. Hang it on your front door; you will enjoy a cheerful tinkle of bells every time someone enters your door.

Use glowing animated deer

The glowing animated deer move their heads, and this will give your home a holiday welcome.

Use garland

To greet your family and friends, you can use a garland decorated with beads, red ribbons, and apples. To attach fruits to your garland, you should insert a piece of 10’’ florist wire into the back of the fruit and wind the other end around the garland.

We sincerely hope that our post can give you some inspiring decorating ideas and you will have a fabulous Christmas time.

Merry Christmas!

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