How to create a seamless and harmonious home interior?

The structure of any home interior design

What in principle, is the structure of any home interior?

I think you will agree that the home interior structure consists of these elements: walls, floor, ceiling, windows and doors. Harmoniously and seamlessly combining these structural elements, you will be able to properly furnish and decorate your living space, creating in this way a cozy, comfortable, and stylish home interior. When we are saying that these structural elements should be combined with each other, we do not mean that the ceiling, walls, floor, window frames, and doors should be of the same color or similar nuances. No, not at all! Do not be afraid of color contrasts! They will make your home interior special and unique.

Small but Harmonious Home Interior Design

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Pay attention to your surroundings

Paying attention to your surroundings has to prevail in your home interior design.

For example, if home is surrounded by majestic trees, you will need and naturally wish to have wide and large windows that open up to the gorgeous view and earthy, warm hues in your home. An impressive hardwood floor should be one of the main features in the home interior.

More than that, if you want even more coziness and warmth, don’t be afraid to use walls covered by wooden panels.

However, if your house is located in the downtown, perhaps a stylish urban style will be perfect for your home. Take in consideration, cold shades, neutrals, strict and straight shapes, etc. A beautiful oak floor in gray or white is perfect in this case.

Forget all the stereotypes

Who said that baseboards, floors, interior doors, window frames and trim have to be in the same color? You should do not be afraid to experiment.

You should also say yes to contrasts!

Combining contrasting colors, experimenting with neutrals, pastels, and accent colors will lead to a more exclusive and interesting home interior dรฉcor.

Of course, do not overdo it with the amount of nuances and colors. My advice is to combine no more than two or three colors. Don’t forget the decorative accessories! After all, they also mean more colors.

Vinyl floors that have a larger selection of textures and colors, can be used in the kitchen and bathroom. Once again, we need to remind you, do not overdo it with the number of colors. Why? Because, combining many colors and decorative accessories, you risk creating a mess, a chaotic decor in which you will feel restless and uncomfortable. More than that. It is a good idea to choose floors, doors, window frames and skirting boards, from only one supplier.

Stick to a single design theme

Creating a harmonious and coherent home interior is quite easy if you come up with just one, unifying theme. For example, a nautical style will be perfect for a cottage on the seashore, or a charming country style is adequate for a suburb house.

Experiment with different textures and materials

This is also a great idea. For example, try to use parquet boards for an accent wall decoration or lay them across of the door not vertically or horizontally. You will create a unique type of floor that will attract the eye.

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