Simple and Effective Ways to Decorate the Walls

Although at first glance it seems simple wall decoration can be a difficult test for many. Let’s see, then, a few quick and easy ideas to do that will help you to beautify your home walls.

Perhaps the most serious and common mistake that people make when implementing such operations is uploading the home walls with all kinds of objects, from paintings, photographs and shelves just to fill all the empty spaces.

Solution: Draw an imaginary rectangular area around the wall where the image is focused when you enter the room. Fill this space with related artifacts such as portraits, plates or watches. This arrangement will have a strong visual impact on the room. Hang large objects in a way that the room seems bigger, but do not overdo with the number of paintings.

What to Hang Above Living Room Sofa? | Creative decorating Ideas (part 1) (video)

Create dynamic wall hanging large carved pieces, some paintings or even a word / quote that inspires you, written with large letters. There is also, the option of drawn letters that you can to sketch with a pencil and then fill them with paint.

What to Hang Above Living Room Sofa? | Creative decorating Ideas (part 2)  (video)

You can also try installing a special portraits or a collection of paintings using a “frame” painted directly on the wall as a background. Be careful though as the frame to be a few centimeters larger than the work of art you want to hang. “Draw” the contour with a special tape affixed to the wall and then fill the space with paint in a darker shade than the one used for the rest of the wall. An alternative would be to paint just a border, and the rest painted in neutral colors.

If you have more paintings or framed photos of various sizes, create harmony by painting the frames in the same color. For example, black gives elegance to any decor with style, white is very fresh and a bright color can be used in a contemporary style.

Also take into account the option of using templates to add details painted walls. It’s easy, fast and cheap! Choose a simple pattern to beautify your room and use it especially around doors or windows.
If you’re a fan of contemporary art, seek unconventional objects to use them as artworks. For example, a piece of wood, twisted by weather can have a special visual effect to a hall, an old wooden box can be used as a key locker, simple wooden bricks can be hung from the wall to be used as shelves or candle holders, etc. Unleash your imagination and choose what you like!

Essentially wall decoration should be a process full of creativity.

Thank you so much for your attention.

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