How to Find the Right Paint Colors that Work Best in Your Home

You need to understand the wide range of paint colors and in particular the nature of each color separately. In fact, it is an easy task. Everyone knows that, “Blue is Cold and Red is Hot”. However, it seems to be more difficult when you need to paint your home and you have to choose the right color for your home walls.

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First, you should know that depends primarily on your personal preferences and tastes.

Secondly, it is said that the right paint colors are the colors that match with what is already in your home.

Therefore, the colors that are “hot” this year might not work favorably in your home. It is quite likely to change for the worse the overall look of your home and for sure, you will not be happy with your choice.

Fortunately, in this wide range of colors, more precisely between these extremes of cold and warm colors, there are a myriad of colors, tones and shades. It is practically impossible not to find the right paint colors for your home.

In fact, what is a color?

In technical terms, each color has a specific wavelength. Warm colors have longer wavelengths.

Let’s take as example the green color. Green is in the middle of the color spectrum, so from this point of view is a neutral color. Green is a mixture of blue and yellow, so it is a combination cold and a warm color.  Therefore, you can perceive this either as a warm color or as a cool color, depending on the dominant tone.

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Choose Paint Colours According to the Room Type

Your room seems to be larger when the walls are painted in cold colors and it will seems cozier if the walls are painted in warm tones or colors. It is a fact that cold colors recede and warm colors can advance.

Therefore, warm hues are ideal for an entertainment room, such as recreation room. They will increase your comfort feeling and will stimulate the conversation.

At the same time, warm and rich colors re more traditional and classical. You can find these colors on the libraries walls. They are also, most suitable for a dining room. They will increase the comfort feeling sensation and will encourage the conversation, bringing people together. Reddish tones are the most suitable colors for a dining room because they increase your appetite.

However, you need to be careful when you are working with warm colors, not to create a suffocation feeling. Therefore, you need to create a balance between your dominant warm colors and a hint of an airy cold color.

In other words, if your room walls are in warm tones and shades then use cool colors for decorative items and accessories such as pillows. You can also decrease the warm intensity of a room using cool colors for trim, such a cold white trim for your windows, and furnishing.

Lighting also, plays an essential role in the tone and color of a room. Inadequate lighting can create an undesired effect. Even if your room is painted in warm colors, a bright, white, fluorescent light can completely neutralize the warmth feeling.

How to Choose the Right Colour

Before deciding what color is more appropriate for your room, you should test it on a wall. However, you need to take in consideration all the aspects of your room such as the color of the floor or the color of your furnishing.

In fact, any color has a hint of both, cold and warm. A shade of gray may look cooler or warmer depending on furniture color.

The Hottest Colours and Shades of 2012

1. Red:

Red is still a dominant color for 2012, although is not a color as intense as in other years. However, the trend is refinement and luxury, and a reddish brown tone can satisfy this trend.

An accent living room painted in this reddish brown color with hints of yellow can bring a plus of drama to the room.

2. Grey:

Grey is another dominant color for 2012. It was in 2011 and still is in 2012.

In fact, grey is a neutral color but as you saw above, it can tip the balance toward warmer or cooler depending on the room furniture and décor. Therefore, grey is considered a chameleon color.

A warm grey hue with a hint of yellow is the perfect color for a study or den. A beige-grey is an appropriate color for high traffic rooms such as hallways because it can hide pretty well the fingerprints and other traces of the walls.

3. Yellow:

Yellow mustard and creamy shades are also, the favorite colors of this year.