How to Decorate Your Office Space – Mural Art & Your Office

For everyone, office is like a second home. And why not?

It is certainly, the place, where you spend much part of life. It is a place full of activity and stress, where moments of relaxation are quite rare.

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Therefore, decorating the space in a way that reflects your personality and enchant you is extremely important. It will reduce your stress, making your work and daily routine more agreeable.

One of the most appropriate ways to decorate your office is Art, especially Mural Art.

In fact, the definition of Mural Art is the following:

“Any piece of artwork painted or applied on a large and permanent surface, such as walls, ceilings, etc.”

Depending n their complexity, Mural Artworks can be quite expensive or at relatively affordable price.

Let’s see some tricks to have your office nicely decorated, without spending too much.

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Keep It Simple

An old adage says, “From the sublime to the ridiculous is only a single step”.

You do not need a room full of sculpture, paintings and other objects, even if they are art works. After all, your office is not a museum or an art gallery.

Few artifacts and some items that reflect your personality are more than sufficient to make your office an elegant place.

Your Office Should Reflect Your Personality

Choose a theme to represent you that reflect your tastes, your hobbies, and your personality.

Perhaps, those who will step into your office will guess something about your personality. Anyway, important is that you have a pleasant working atmosphere.

Some tips?

–  If you want your office to emit an air of authority and power, choose elegant and stylish metal objects.
–  If you want your office to inspire a sense of optimism and a positive attitude, choose art works in bright colors.

Motivation and Inspiration

You need your work to be a successful work, a performance work.

You need your office to inspire you and motivate you to do your job better.

We are all different. So, objects can have different effects on people. Therefore, make sure that items you have decorated your office have a positive impact on you.

Choose the Appropriate Color, Size and Style

It is required as the art works to match the style of the room, its size and the dominant color of this room. Only in this way, you can be an elegant and tasteful place.


In conclusion, the art works on the office walls (Mural Art) should represent at the same time your style and personality, beauty, inspiration and motivation, good taste, classic or modernism.

In fact, the main purpose of Mural Art is to reduce your stress, to inspire and motivate you, making you your work more enjoyable and effective.