Shades of Gray for a Modern Interior Design

To get a modern interior design, it’s not enough to buy a brand new furniture or fancy decorations. Moreover, you might not even need to use them – by simply combining colors, your room will have an air of modernity.

In this article I would like to talk about anthracite gray – dark gray – a color that never goes out of style and look great in combination with most colors. This color is extremely versatile and can be used for decorating all types of spaces: from bathrooms to bedrooms and living rooms, even kitchens or hallways.

Living Rooms in Neutral Colour Combinations | Decorating with Colors #11 (video)

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Stylish and cool, but softer than the black color, anthracite gray is a very wise choice for contemporary living. It highlights the color elements in a room, it fits in many combinations and show prestige, clarity and determination. Also, it is a color, easy to maintain, dust being almost invisible on the surface.

Gray & Red and Gray & Tangerine Tango

Anthracite gray combines well with red and even with PANTONE Tangerine Tango. The combinations are explosive and energetic, gray pointing out the heat of red and orange color. However, for spectacular effects, you can use Tangerine Tango in combination with dark shades of gray, in a proportion of 30 to 70: 30% Tangerine and 70% gray.

Gray & Pink

Another excellent combination is gray and pink. A bright pink shade will result in a garish combination. Therefore, to avoid eyestrain it is recommended inserting white areas between the two colors to balance the combination. Also, such a combination is particularly suitable for large rooms, because these two strong colors tend to agglomerate visual your living space.
On the other hand, in light shades, the two colors form a delicate combination, suitable for small and medium rooms.

Dark gray and yellow is definitely the combination that suggests dynamism and determination. However, yellow tends to capture the look when it is used in a room, so it should be sparingly used.
On a gray background, yellow objects appear brighter and the space gets more depth.

Green, Beige and Gray

An organic and natural look is achieved by a combination of green, beige and gray.

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