How to Design and Plant a Desert Garden

To create and maintain a traditional garden you need a rich in nutrients soil and of course, plenty of water. This is not the case for a “Desert Garden”. First of all, in desert live plants which thrive in a hot and dry environment, plants that have evolved and adapted for long periods of droughts.

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You cannot plant these specific plants together with native plants from your area. Native plants will act as weeds killing the desert plants.

Also, if you are living in a cold climate with heavy winters you cannot grow desert plants outside. However, you can plant them in green houses where you can enjoy their particular beauty.

Let’s see what you need for a miniature desert.

1. Before starting this project you have to know your garden will need at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. Your garden also, needs a sandy soil and a very good drainage.
2. Choose the place for your garden and turn over the soil with a shovel. Sprinkle a layer of sand (4- inches) over the soil.
3. Using a garden rake mix the soil with the sand till is homogeneous. Try to determine if the soil is enough sandy. Take a handful of wet soil and try to make a ball. If the soil is sandy will crumble.
4. Mark with stones the perimeter of your garden. Arrange them in a decorative manner. Different color and sizes will give a great esthetic effect.
5. Start planting from the back of the garden. Plants big cacti at the back and maybe, a giant barrel cacti. It could be the focal point of your desert garden.
6. Surround the cacti with flowering desert plants and rocks. There are so many and beautiful. Let’s name some: desert sage, Mexican gold poppy, desert lily, agave soicta plants, aloe brevifolia, etc
7. Place smaller plants as agave soicta plants or aloe brevifolia along the perimeter of the garden which will increase the wild beauty of this garden.
8. After planting you should water your plants. DO NOT WATER from distance. Water gently just close from the ground and from the plant. Your garden will need watering only three times monthly. It will be more than enough for these plants.

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