Superiority of the Raised Garden Beds over Row Gardening

Raised garden beds tend increasingly more, to become a preference in the today gardening. And no wonder, why not. Superiority of the raised garden beds over row gardening is evident. In fact, even the initial work that you put into the building of the raised beds will pay for itself in a long run.

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I will present in this article, which are the undeniable advantages of this way of gardening that is Raised Garden Beds.

Advantages of Raised Garden Beds

No more Fertile Soil Waste

Fertile soil is well defined. It is the soil contained in these raised beds. You do not have to waste anymore, a good and fertile soil, making different paths and walkways.

Not only that. Gardening in raised beds has other important advantages in terms of soil.

– No water pools that can affect fragile plant roots, causing them to rot;
– Raised beds have sloping sides that help water to drain;
– No water waste; water is used only for plants watering and it is not wasted to cover a more large area with paths and walkways as in row gardening.

Better Soil

You do not choose the quality of soil when you plant directly in the ground. The great advantage of planting in the raised beds is that you can choose the quality of your soil. You can choose the best fertile soil for your plants.

Higher Yields

Because of a better soil, it is obvious that you will have higher fruits and vegetable crops than classic row gardens.

Weed Control

When you build these raised beds, you can add down a weed barrier between your fertile soil from the beds and the ground.

You will have a free weed gardening, which will mean much for any experienced gardener.

Pest Control

Also, these raised beds can protect your plants from pest such as gophers, which could eat your crops.

Add a chicken wire net down above your weed barrier. It will keep away these little creatures. Also you can place a chicken wire cage in top of the raised garden beds. That will keep away other animals and birds.


At a first glance, this advantage is ridiculous but in reality, it is not. Think about it! What are you doing if you need to move? You have to leave your garden behind and start a new one at your new residence.

You need only to bag your soil and take your garden boxes with you.

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This is maybe, one of the great advantages of raised garden beds. Usually, the size of a box is 4’x4’, making easy access to your plants. In fact, you can reach easily every plant. You can easily inspect, water or pick your produce.


Raised bed gardening is the ideal gardening way for older or disabled people, but who love gardening. You need only to place your garden beds on a tabletop at the height that suits you.


You can plant only the necessary amount of seeds. You do not need to scatter seeds over the entire area as in the row gardening. No more seed waste. You can save money storing the extra seeds.

Longer Growing Season

Any gardener knows that the plant-growing season depends on the soil temperature.  Of course, a little soil volume as the soil in a 4’x4’ box will warm quickly then the ground soil and you will have a longer growing season.

It Looks more Aesthetically
It is obvious that a raised garden beds looks more aesthetically than a traditional row gardening. Not to mention that it is more tidy and neat.