How to Faux Finish a Wall for a Spanish, Mediterranean or American Southwestern Look

There are so many faux finish styles, which can change the look of your house. It depends only on your taste to choose the right style. However, one of them could be a Spanish or Mediterranean style. We can meet this style in the New World too, especially in Southwest part of U.S.A.

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It is an easy job with spectacular results.

Steps to Take:

1) Prepare the wall surface for painting. Tape the perimeter with painter tape to protect the area you do not wish painted.

2) Remove the old wallpaper or cover the old paint with a primer coat.

3) The secret of this style lies in the mixture of two powdered joint compounds and paint. Therefore, choose a darker shade than color you want, compound and a lighter shade compound. Mix each of them with the paint until the mixtures have a thick creamy consistency.

4) Using a masonry towel apply first the lighter color onto the wall. The trick lies in how you press the masonry towel on the wall. If you want a smooth surface, use your force when you apply the paint but if you want to have a stucco look apply gently the masonry towel onto the wall.

5) Do not stop suddenly when you are applying the composition. Wipe the edges one in the other.

6) Maybe you want a more dramatic look. In this case, you can use a broom bristles and sweep gently the wall.

7) Proceed similar with the darker color.

8) Do not work on large areas. Working on small areas will increase the aesthetic effect. The paint will have different shades and tones.

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