Stylish Home Interiors in Gray Hues – How to Decorate with Colours

Elegant home interiors in grey nuances

It does not matter what it is, the whole home interior décor or just, the walls, sofa, curtains, carpet, or decorative pillows. A living space in grey looks timeless, stylish, and elegant. It can be only a grey background (the walls paint) and the furniture and decorative accessories in other colors. It does not matter. The aesthetic effect is the same.

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In a way, you can say that grey color is the new white, at least when it comes to wall paintings. Grey nuances allow you to give a particular mood and feeling to the room from cool, Scandinavian, and masculine to warm, romantic, and feminine.

Although grey color is a neutral color as white, however it looks more relaxed, warming, and casual.

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The infinite number of shades of grey

If you are wondering how to find the best nuance of grey for your home interior, you should know that is a Herculean task.

Without any exaggeration there are a wide range of nuances, tones, and hues.

Without professional help it is pretty difficult to choose the right color palette, although grey can be combined with almost any color and even with another grey nuance.

You need inspiration and maybe the images from our video can help you.

Allow me to suggest just a feu of them:

  • Classic slate grey – an interior in this nuance is exquisite and stylish.
  • Dynamic platinum grey – it is quite light and brings a feeling of order in your décor.
  • Volcanic grey – emphasize the most beautiful areas and corners of your home interior.
  • Concrete grey – brings and aesthetic look to home interior.
  • Soft silk gray – a warm nuance with a pleasant look.

Of course, every paint store has different names for these nuances. You need to speak with the manager and tell him what you want. Such as a grey hue for a bright or light interior, or for a timeless look, etc.

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Furnishing and decorating with grey color

Do not forget that a home interior décor does not mean just painting the walls.

You need to find furniture and decorating accessories in matching colors or just in another grey nuance.

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