How to Get Longer Use of Your Carpet with These Five Easy Tips

Carpet is the most popular and economical flooring choice in the North America and U.K. They come in a wide range of patterns, designs and colors.

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Carpet is a good choice for any home. It gives you a warm, comfortable feeling, but over the time, it gets dirty, it changes its look.

Regularly maintenance and some cleaning tips can help you to keep a carpet looking clean and great and you can enjoy its overall look for many years.

1) Make sure you have a good choice before carpet installation

Make sure you choose the right texture and color fit for your home and your lifestyle.

Therefore, if you are an active person and you have little children or pets then, do not choose a light mono-color carpet or a thick carpet prone to become dirty easily. Go for a multicolor pattern ca, stain resistant carpet which, can be easily swept, or vacuum.

They are maybe a little more expensive but they are more suitable for high traffic areas and children rooms.

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2) Avoid installing carpet in high-traffic areas

It is a good and smart idea to avoid installing carpet in high-traffic areas of your home such as hallways, foyers, etc. Choose another kind of flooring such linoleum, tiles or removable rugs.

3) Vacuum the carpet frequently

Vacuuming regularly, at least five minutes daily is the secret of a carpet that looks like new. It is critical to remove as much dry soil as possible.

Vacuuming frequently makes, your carpet looks cleaner, removes allergens from your house and keeps the carpet fibers strong.

4) Ask your guest to remove their shoes

Maybe is a bit impolite to ask your guest to remove their shoes. Nevertheless, this will reduce the wear and tear of your carpet. The soil from their shoes will go down to the base of the carpet fiber where they can cause damage.

5) Regularly have your carpet cleaned professionally

However, you should clean professionally your carpet at least 2 times on year. A professional shampooing and washing of your carpet will remove all the stains and will prolong its life.

Follow these five steps and you can keep your carpet looking like new.