Homemade Grease Remover and Other Smart Ideas for Your Home

A. If your cabinet doors are hard to open, because their magnet is too strong, just cover the surface of the magnet with a piece of clear tape. It cuts down on the magnet’s grip, so the door opens with ease but still stay shut.

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B. Silence a creaky floorboard by sprinkling baby powder into the cracks between the boards. Sweep the powder into the crack to fill the space that causes the squeak, than brush any excess.

C. The moisture you got into your fridge can cause your produce to wilt and rot. The solution is to line the drawer with a couple layers of newspaper to absorb moisture that causes veggies to go bad. They can keep the drawer free of smell too.

D. If you got a permanent marker stain on your countertop you can get rid of it by applying clear hand sanitizer gently around the perimeter of your stain; spread it around with a clean soft cloth and after a few minutes wipe it away.

E. Grease remover. Keep a baby powder in your laundry room; you can sprinkle it onto greasy marks, let it absorb for 5 minutes then launder will remove the stain.

F. If you have something small like an onion or a single tomato to slice, use the lid from a coffee just for this purpose. After you done you can pop it in the dishwasher for an easy cleaning.

G. Sprinkling a little baby powder into your rubber gloves will help them slide easy when you are doing your household chores.

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