Create Your Dream Bathroom with MAAX Energy Efficient Spas

The world today is a vibrant world where everything moves at high speed. Even time seems to have contracted and this falls upon each of us. All around us is throbbing. We are becoming more stressed and tired. We need to relax; we need moments of serenity and tranquility.

And where can we find this much needed peace and tranquility? Where can we recharge our batteries?

The new generation of energy efficient spas, available in many configurations and sizes, can be the answer.

Truly, you can invigorate and indulge your body, mind and spirit with these amazing spas. In addition, you do not have to add to your energy bill.

MAAX Spas is the North American leader in the manufacture of top quality and innovative hot tubs and spas as well as other bath products such as showers, shower doors, bathtubs and medicine cabinets.

MAAX branded products dominate the market by 40 years of experience and through their advanced design and modern construction.

Today, they are a preferred choice for all categories of customers. In fact, MAAX offers bath products that meet the budgets and needs of every client without sacrificing quality.

Moreover, MAAX comes with innovative ideas in terms of comfort and performance being completely aware of many economic, structural, design and functional factors involved in creating of a perfect bathroom.

MAAX Energy Efficient Spas

Returning to MAAX Hot Tubs and Spas, let us consider the qualification given by “California Energy Commission” which ranks MAAX on the first place on the market as the most energy efficient.

Innovative Ideas:

MAAX products are distinguished by innovative ideas. Among them stands “MAAX’s Thermo-Lock Insulation Thermal Barrier” technology.

The technology is based on a radiant reflective insulation that is applied to the sealed base of the spas. This insulation does not allow the heat to be lost through the floor, which makes the water to be maintained at a certain temperature. It is a smart and innovative idea that improves the energy efficiency.

MAAX Spas come in a wide range of sizes and can easily accommodate 2-8 adult persons. They are equipped with:

– “Clean Zone” water purification system. This system maintains automatically, clear, clean and healthy water that obviously, reduces the dependence on chemical products.
– “Air Massage
– “Water Massage” – These water jets are strategically placed jets and can work in several systems.
– “Combined Air and Water Massage” – These two systems can be combined offering a spa quality intense massage.
– “Aromatherapy” – Soothing aromas offer moments of tranquility and serenity.
– “Chromatherapy” – Colors will complete the therapeutic effect.
– “Heat therapy” – heat will act benefic on the tense muscles relaxing your body.
– “Ozonator” – Ozonator will purify your water.
– “Steam Therapy” – Steam will open your skin pores having the same effect as a sauna.
– “Silent Solution” – Creates a quiet and peaceful environment.
– “IES Rainmax” – The pleasure of a spring rain falling gently on you.
– “ IES MAAX” – Body spray and different kinds of showering systems.
– “Body Jets” – Perform a low-pressure massage.
– “Water Tester” – An instrument that check the water temperature.

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