How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons are magnificent birds, a love symbol, the white ones are a symbol of peace, but they are multiplying quickly and sometime they can become a pest.

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Unfortunately, they are unsanitary creatures; their droppings can create healthy problems for human beings, not to mention the unsightly aspect of roofs, automobiles, monuments and public spaces foals with this white material.

They can make nests under the warehouse roofs and defecate on the goods and customers. That can create expensive problems for the owners and companies.

There are different ways to get rid of these birds.

1.     Keep the pigeons outside.

First, do not allow pigeons to get inside of your home.

Seal the attic and soffit vents. Install metal or plastic screens to keep pigeons and other animals out.

Check the roof for any places where the pigeons can have the possibility to nest. Seal the places with metal or plastic net. Check your barn or warehouse. Look above the rafters for any nest. Close off any space with metal or plastic material.

Make sure it is no possibility for birds to roost inside of your barn. With a simply tied string in length, you can prevent pigeons to balance and roost.

2.     Use anti roosting spike strips.

The most popular way to keep pigeons away from your home is installation of spike strips. You can attach these strips almost everywhere you suppose they can perch on.

3.     Use sticky chemicals or spices.

You can find deterrent chemicals at the hardware store. Use these chemicals according with the manufacturer instruction.

Pigeons do not like spices. Sprinkle any spices as pepper, cinnamon, etc where they like to roost. Repeat that after a rain.

4.     DO NOT feed pigeons.

Feeding pigeons is a big mistake. They will get used to your yard and it will be difficult to get rid of them.

5.     Use ultrasonic devices.

These devices emit ultrasonic sounds that are not perceived by the human ear but annoying for pigeons.

6.     Use reflective features.

Some time a CD, a reflective tape or balloon can have good results. However, if you cannot scary the pigeons, you can sure annoy your neighbors with these flashes of light.

7.     Use artificial predator birds.

Use artificial predator birds such owls, hawks to scary pigeons. It is possible that method will not work.  Can be a solution for the moment but in a long run pigeons use with these statues.

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