Ants on the terrace | Drive away the insects with natural means!

Ants on the terrace: what helps?

In the garden, ants are among the helpful insects, but they are not welcome on the terrace or balcony. You might use a few cunning techniques to scare the insects away rather than attacking them. We describe how to prevent ants on the patio.

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Flying ants on the patio: how to get rid of this pest?

In the late spring and early summer, huge flying ants swarm. In this unusual nuptial flight, men and females interact and mate. After losing their wings, the prospective queens are prepared to establish their own colonies. Males pass away soon after mating. The flying ants only spend a brief period on the terrace or balcony, which is good news. They then take off in flight. The bad news is that some birds that lose their wings can continue to be queens and establish new colonies directly under the terrace or in a balcony corner. Because it doesn’t take long for the insects to get inside the house, it is crucial to stop this. Additionally, the ants have no place there. Thankfully, there are several smart ways.

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Make sure that your patio plants are without aphids.

Keeping the area as clean as you can is the first step in ant repelling. because food sources frequently draw insects. They will be present if the flying ants discovered aphids on the plants near and on the patio. Ants eat honeydew, which is a delicious substance produced by aphids. If you notice ants on the patio, look for signs of an infestation in all tub and potted plants, as well as any adjacent roses, strawberries, or fruit trees. It is crucial that you get rid of any aphids you detect.

Strong odors can be used during the day to drive flying insects away from the balcony and patio. The smell of vinegar is one that the insects absolutely detest. Simply use a vinegar solution to clean the patio floor or railings (if the material supports it, of course). Instead, you may set bowls of apple cider vinegar in various locations for delicate items. Additionally, the perfume of lavender or mint oil is so potent that it interferes with an insect’s sense of direction. Cloves and lemon peel have been shown to be efficient in small regions. Strong light sources in the garden in the evening may draw ants there. To drive away the swarming insects, all that is needed is solar light in the garden.

Drive away the large ants.

Young ant queens searching for a location for their new colony constitute most of the large ants on the patio. Drive the insects away immediately because if you don’t, they’ll have to fight the entire colony in a few weeks. As much as possible, fill in joints and cracks between the flagstones to prevent anyone from getting under the patio. Every day, wash the terrace with water. Ants favor an area that is dry, sunny, and protected from the wind. If you water the pile every day, they’ll soon find a new place in the garden.

Get rid of ants under the patio.

Ants have probably already sought a new home if they are present under the patio. In this situation, you might try to move them. You must follow these steps to achieve this goal:

  1. To start, water the anthill every day if you can. This step can be skipped if you can only see the entry point and cannot access the pile. After that, you might try setting up bowls of aromatic oils, such as lavender or mint, right next to the door. The intention is to alert the insects to the fact that their pile was not constructed in the proper location.
  2. They position an upside-down ceramic pot that has been filled with straw and wool directly close to the entryway. Once the ants have had a chance to colonize it for around 10 days, carefully place a plastic lid under the pot, and flip it upside down. After that, you can move the ants to another area of the garden or a nearby woodland.

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