How to Have a Bright, Beautiful and Elegant White Room

Colors have a huge impact on our emotions. Some of them, such as blue and green are relaxing colors, other as orange helps to maintain a conversation, red alert us, yellow give us a feeling of happiness and so on.

White Outdoor Patio

What about white?

White is a basic, cold color and is a symbol of purity, of cleanness but also, a symbol of wealth and comfort. However, “from the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step”. You should be careful when choose to paint a room in white.

For untrained eye white is just … white, but there are many kinds of white and many types of white paints to choose from. They look different and can give a completely different aesthetic effect. To find the perfectly white paint for your room, you should take in consideration some important factors.

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1) Room Position. One of them is the position of the room. A clear, white paint will give a rich and bright look in a south or southeast facing room but in a north or west, facing room will look cold and morbid. It is extremely important to find the exactly white tone or shade fit for your room.
2) White Reflects Light. Generally, a white painted room seems to be larger. This is because we cannot exactly see where the room boundaries are. However, a white room is perceived larger and because white, especially glossy white paint reflects the light and distorts other colors. For example, vivid red in a white room has a pinky glow and yellow a golden glow.

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3) Use Mirrors. You can use white reflection quality in your advantage. Place mirrors on the walls, use white mirrored furniture; paint the ceiling in a glossy white color and you can give your room a great aesthetic effect.
4) Texture. White is a very interesting color. Unlike the other colors, white can give you different emotions, mixed feelings. A white textured surface, such a brick fireplace painted in white looks better than a smooth white wall surface. Texture is critical when we are speaking about white.  What a big difference between a white woolen blanket and a white sheet. A thick white rug and white heavy handcrafted furniture will look great any time.
5) Combine White with Other Colors. You can practically combine white with any other color. Imagine, white in combination with pastel colors, such light blue. The result is a cooler but fresh and elegant aesthetic effect. White and golden combination can create a rich and imperial feeling. Depending on your personality, you can combine any color with white, without any fear. However, the best combination is white plus one, not more.
6) White Room, Colored Accessories.  A simply white room is a cool uninviting room. Colored and bright accessories warm this cold atmosphere and turn the room into a comfortable and elegant space. An elegant vase with vivid colored flowers will great on a white table.

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