Bathroom Trends for this Year

Do you think making changes in your bathroom and turn it into a relaxing, functional and aesthetic, while respecting the latest trends in design? According to experts, in 2013 baths combines elements inspired by nature and simple lines.

Here are the trends for the next year and discover how you can have a dream bathroom.

Regardless of trends, must keep in mind the style of your home, so that, to be a complete harmony between all the rooms.

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1. Contemporary and Minimalist Style

Contemporary and minimalist styles are important aspects that need to be considered if you want to have a bathroom adapted to the latest trends. So, your bath must be airy without massive furniture pieces. Many experts say that a cabinet with straight lines, simple metallic finish enough.

2. Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are another trend for bathrooms in 2013. The combination of black, shades of brown and beige will be in high demand next year, according to many interior decorators. Of course, this does not mean you cannot choose a bathroom with accents of vivid colors such as red, purple, orange or blue.

3. Elements Inspired by Nature

If you think to change the look of your bathroom next year, experts say it is mandatory to opt for items inspired by nature. It may be the predominant color in the bathroom such as ceramic tiles in shades of brown, inspired by the natural color of wood or a decoration such as a painting depicting a corner of nature.

4. Perfect Lighting

In 2013, all the interior designers focus on the bathroom light. Chosen properly, it can give an extra beauty to the room. Orient yourself to light spots, especially if you want to highlight a certain space in the bathroom. If your bathroom has a window, the better. You can take full advantage of natural light.

5. Spa Atmosphere

Going to a spa is a quite expensive pleasure and can affect significantly your budget. But, you need to relax after a tiring day at work. Fortunately, there is a solution i.e. the conversion of your bathroom into a small spa. First, opt for predominant relaxing shades such as beige, lavender, green, yellow, blue or brown. Then think about how to arrange the bathroom so that to keep the specific elements of spa such as towels, bathrobe, slippers and personal care products in order. You will also need small spaces where you can keep scented candles, essential oils and of course, the bath salt.

6. The Wallpaper

In general, the bathroom walls are covered with ceramic tiles, but experts say that 2013 will be fashionable the wallpaper with subtle details. You can choose a wallpaper that mimics wood, brick or natural stone for a surprising effect. The disadvantage is that wet wallpaper, can deteriorate rapidly and can occasionally cause dampness, but if you like this tendency, it deserves to make a change.

7. Ethnic Ceramic Tiles

In 2013, instead opting for monochrome tile or tiles that mimic natural stone, you can choose to “decorate” your bathroom with porcelain, which shows ethnic grounds inspired by different cultures of the world. However, tiles can have, besides traditional ethnic patterns, other models such as the exotic, futuristic, abstract, geometric and floral ones.

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