How to Clean your Hardwood Floors

How to Protect Your New or Old Hardwood Flooring

Today, choosing a pre-finished hardwood floor for your home is a smart idea. It is an elegant, durable and hygienic choice that increases the overall look of any home. Hardwood floors durability is indisputable. Any manufacturer is happy to give you long term warranty for their products. Indeed, a good hardwood floor can last more than 50-60 years.

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However, the biggest threat for hardwood floor is the dirt and sand that you can bring from outside and cause badly scratches your floor finish. That is not all. If the floor cleaning is neglected, then dirt will be incorporated into the unprotected surface of the floor creating unsightly darken spots.

To rejuvenate the appearance of the floor, an home owner should sand and refinish his hardwood floor every 20 years.


However, a regularly maintenance will make the finish of your floor to look great anytime and last longer.

a)     Therefore, you should sweep and vacuum the dirt off your floor weekly.
b)    When you sweep, make sure you do not scratch the finish of your floor. Use a soft bristle and only the recommended cleaner.
c)     Use quality doormats at all entrance doors. That will prevent dirt and sand to get inside and reach your floor.
d)    Make sure that your pets have the nails trimmed.
e)     Use felt patches for your furniture, chairs, tables, etc.
f)      Do not use heeled shoes on your hardwood floor.
g)     Do not use abrasive products to clean your floor.
h)    Do not use also, acidic materials to clean the hardwood floor.
i)       Do not use vinegar, furniture polish, bleach, detergents or wax-based products.
j)       Make sure you clean immediately any spill.

Use only recommended cleaner for the specific type of flooring

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