How to Install Commercial Wood-Fired Ovens

Commercial wood-fired ovens, as it is apparent from the name, are ovens, used especially in commercial areas such as restaurants.

Anyone knows how tasty it is an authentic Italian pizza. Well, these delicious pizzas as bread or other foods are cooked in these ovens. That’s why they are also called pizza ovens.

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What is the secret of a commercial wood-fired oven? Why are these ovens appreciated?

Maybe because this type of oven can add a subtle smoky flavor to your foods and last but not least, it can reach the optimum cooking temperature faster than other similar devices.

Although each commercial wood fired pizza oven should be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions that are specific to the type of oven, you should still make sure that your oven is installed properly. It is therefore important to follow these steps.

But first let’s see the materials and tools you need.

Materials & Tools

forklift or pallet jack; user manual ;

Combustible: hard wood; newspaper;

Steps to Take

1. First you must make sure that such a furnace installation complies with the regulations and laws of the municipality where you live. Keep in your mind that this type of oven requires a good working chimney in order to be functional. So, you must be sure that your specific wood fired oven type complies with the city building code.

2. You should check your home gas connection to see if it works properly if the wood-fired oven also has the gas option.

3. Make sure there is no combustible source close to the place where you want to install your oven. Your safety and your family safety is the most important thing. In fact, any combustible material must be at least 3 inches away from your oven. It is highly recommended to read carefully the instructions in the user manual regarding this issue.

4.  The next step is to unpack your brand new oven. You must carefully handle the oven because it is quite heavy. It is wise to use a forklift or a pallet jack to move it. If you use a forklift make sure the forks are spread as much as possible and don’t forget to check if the forklift or the pallet jack is rated to lift this weight.

5. However, first you should build the basis on which your wood-fired oven will be installed. It can be a brick masonry, concrete shelf or concrete footing. Place carefully the wood-fired oven in its basis and secure it in place, using the hardware from the package and following the user manual instructions.

6. Connect the gas lines if your oven is equipped with this feature and then connect the oven to the chimney through its flue adapter.

7. The last step is the temperature sensor installation.

8. Check the wood-fired oven if it works. Use some old newspaper and hard wood to build a fire. Follow all the time the recommendations and the instructions of the manufacturer. However, you should add wood gradually and not all at once to check if everything is working properly and to prevent cracks.

Tips: You can add a stucco finish to your commercial wood-fired oven.


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