How to Keep Children and Garden Debris out of Your Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is great thing for your family comfort. What can be better than a pool in the long days of summer?

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However, a pool can be a dangerous area for unsupervised children. Therefore, you should prevent an unfortunate accident to happen and one of the solutions would be a pool cover. In fact, a good cover is critical for your family safety but also, protects your pool from dust, dirt and debris.

Usually the swimming pool covers are made from vinyl or netting. Many owners consider vinyl an inadequate material for pool because of its tendency to hold water in the middle. Therefore, usually, these kinds of covers have an inserted mesh patch in the middle, which allow water draining. Using a pump to evacuate the water is another solution. A sensor starts the pump when the water reaches a certain level.

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Regardless of material, you should buy only genuine pool covers, which have an approval stamp from the American Society for Trading and Materials.

In my opinion, the best cover for a swimming pool is made from mesh. Mesh allows water to drain and retains all the leaves, garden dirt and debris to get into the pool. However, if the pool is covered for long periods, the slit of the cover can get into the pool, which can be messy.

When you cover your swimming pool, make sure the cover is tight and well secured. A good pool cover supports almost 90 lbs/sq ft.

You can opt also, for an electrically operated swimming pool cover. Although is more expensive than an ordinary one, an electrically activated pool cover is a good choice.