How to Avoid the Freezing Water Problems through a Good Swimming Pool Design and what are Your Options

Freezing water can create big problems to a pool. In the cold season, water can freeze, making pipes to burst. Broken pipes can lead to leaks can compromise the wall structure and tiles, and can cause drainage problems.

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I do not think there is a pool owner who wants something like that happen. Cleaning and repairing costs are considerable.

Therefore, a well-designed swimming pool project should take into account the dramatic effects of frozen water. For a better understanding why frozen water has such destructive effects we should note a few aspects.

Water by freezing, expands, its molecules crystallize in a bigger hexagonal shape. The increasing water volume needs more space and will increase the pressure on the pipe walls.

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Besides a good swimming pool design, you can take some additional prevention measures such as:

1. Antifreeze Chemicals

Mixing antifreeze chemicals with the swimming pool water can prevent the water freezing. It is an expensive but an efficient way, giving you peace of mind.

2. The Amount of Pool Water

This is a simple, cheap and efficient solution. You need only, to reduce the amount of water in the swimming pool, giving space to the increased volume of ice.

3. Pillow Outdoor Swimming Pool

This is a very effective solution for the walls of the swimming pool, but unfortunately, it cannot be apply to other parts of the pool such as a separate water tank. However, it is a good idea and is based on a simple principle. This inflatable mattress will absorb the pressure of frozen water.