Saunas | Benefits and Maintenance

When you come home after a tough day, you notice that you need something more than just a rest to relax. A solution for stress relief is the sauna.

With just 15 minutes of sauna you can feel your entire body relaxed and you’re ready for a day with new challenges. Not only will you enjoy a few moments of relaxation, but with sauna you will definitely have a healthier life.

Why is healthy sauna?

The explanation is simple. The functioning principle consists in alternating temperatures: a warming of the body followed by a cooling phase with a cold shower.

Use of the sauna consistently brings important benefits the entire body. Sauna relaxes your muscles, increases your body’s resistance, accelerates the bloodstream and last but not least, good mood increases miraculous.

The sauna can be installed anywhere, it is important only to have the necessary space. It can be placed almost anywhere in the house, in the basement, or even in the yard.

Finnish Sauna or Infrared?

These two types of saunas are completely different. Even if both improve health and mood, the operation process and use is completely different. The choice should be made according to your preferences and nothing prevents you buy both types of sauna.

Did you know …

During sauna, skin temperature at the surface increases with about 10 ° C, and body temperature increases by 1 ° C, causing an increase in body temperature (artificial fever effect). As a reaction to this phenomenon, the body begins to develop antibodies. Blood vessels dilate accelerating the circuit. The body tries to maintain a constant temperature cooling through sweating. Dead skin cells come off restoring your skin’s natural smoothness. Intensive transpiration positively influences the balance of water and toxins from the body.

Sauna has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and blood strengthening the heart and entire circulatory system. Temperatures in a sauna are between 60-100 ° C (140 212 °F). Room air is relatively dry, and therefore, water is poured over hot stones to increase the humidity. The air should not be completely dry, because it can damage the respiratory system.

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Sauna Maintenance

Saunas can be maintained very easily and you can enjoy them for a longer period if you follow a few tips:

  1. Do not paint or varnish with any kind of paint or varnish. Use only specific types. The wood needs to breathe. Also, any artificial wood finish can create a too hot area.
  2. After each use, it is advisable to use a brush that will be soaked in a bucket with water and brush each wall, seat, backrest etc. The required time is relatively short (approx. 1 min.). And attention! Do not use excess water!
  3. After you finish using the sauna and the cleaning process is complete, remove the grate from the floor. Leave the sauna door open for full ventilation. Heat remaining in rocks and wood to dry completely, your sauna.
  4. If gathered dirt and sweat (if step 2 was omitted a few times) it is advisable to use a manual brush, but this time you can use hot water with a little detergent. To make the bench look like new, you can clean once a year with sandpaper.

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