How to Keep Your Garden and House Mosquitoes Free

There are many mosquitoes’ natural repellents. Although they are not as efficient as chemical repellent such as DEET, they are an excellent “green” alternative.

Generally, these natural repellent are made from different natural essential oils among we can mention Eucalyptus, Citronella, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Rosemary, etc.

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However, you can use these plants in their vegetation form, not only as essential oils. It is proved that these plants and vegetation are effective as insect repellents.

You can plant these plants in your yard or garden house. They will be an effective barrier against these annoying insects. They will not completely remove the nuisance but will help to repel mosquitoes.

Types of Vegetation that are Mosquitoes Repellent

1. Citronella Grass:

This plant is used to produce the famous citronella candles. Burning citronella oil is an excellent mosquito repellent. However, this tropical feet grow quite tall, about 6 feet and because of that it could be an impediment for small yards and gardens.

2. Catnip:

Planting catnip in your deck or patio will reduce the mosquito number.

3. Rosemary:

Rosemary herb is a tropical plant and therefore it loves heat. You can plant this plant in pots. Keep the pots inside during the cold months.

4. Marigold Flowers:

These beautiful flowers bloom almost, all year round. By their bright colors such as yellow, orange or red they have a great aesthetic effect for any garden. Their smell is a good mosquito repellent. In addition, they can protect the other garden plants because they are an excellent aphids repellent.

5. Horsemint:

In a way, this plant is similar with citronella having the same scent that mosquitoes hate it. It is a common plant for North America. It is growing everywhere in the wilderness, from Mexico to Canada.

6. Ageratum:

This plant contains a substance named coumarin that has an extremely unpleasant smell for mosquitoes. In fact, this substance is used in many commercial mosquito repellents. Ageratum is a beautiful white or blue plant that can adorn any garden.

7. Geranium:

Geranium is also known as a mosquito plant. It has been genetically modified to incorporate the properties of Citronella. In fact, now Geranium successfully replaces this tropical plant, Citronella, well known as a mosquito repellent.

8. Agastache Cana:

This plant is known as “Texas Hummingbird Mint”, “Giant Hyssop”, Bubblegum Mint” or “Giant Hummingbird Mint”.

Other Ways to Avoid Mosquitoes

1. Eliminate any possibility of breeding site in your garden. Mosquito females prefer to lay their eggs in any place where they can find stagnant water such, pots, gutters, children’s pools, puddles, etc. Empty these potential mosquito sources.
2. It is a good idea to purchase a mosquito trap. They are very ingenious. They emit carbon dioxide, lactic acid, sounds, etc., that attract mosquitoes. They are sucked inside a holder by an electric fan.

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