How to Maintain the Beauty and Health of Your Flower Hanging Baskets

Hanging flower  baskets are among the most representative accessories for patios, terraces, balconies and windows. They have charm; they are chic and are suitable for any home decorated in a traditional country or rustic style.

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Flowering hanging baskets are an instant splash of color and can instantly improve the appearance of any room. Also, they can be an extremely important element of vertical gardening. In fact, hanging baskets add an entire new dimension to this ancient art of gardening, helping you to use all your perhaps limited, available space. They are an excellent way to enjoy the color and beauty of your favorite plants anytime and anywhere.

Whether you are growing perennial or houseplants or annual hanging flowers, your options are practically endless. In fact, almost any plant will work making your choice quite difficult.

However, regardless of the type of plant, flower hanging baskets need special and regular care because these flowers from the baskets are very sensitive flowers and their beauty can fade quickly if you do not pay enough attention.

WATERING Because they tend to dry quite quickly, these flowers need to be watered daily and checked at least twice a day, especially in the summer. Also, once a week you can bring them down and placed in a tub full of water for at least 20 minutes. This will be a great treat for them.

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Do not use baskets or containers smaller than 12 inches, especially for outside patios. A too small container does not have enough capacity to hold water for a long time and your flowers will dry quite quickly. If you are utilize a coco or moss basket place a kind of liner inside to hold the moisture.

Last but not least, in the summer is better to move them to a cooler place for 2-3 days. Scorching sun can dry them completely.

DRIED FLOWERS and LEAVES It is a good idea to remove weekly all the dried flowers and leaves or those affected by parasites. In this way, you can prevent the others to become ill.

INSECTS Also, check for the insects and protect your plants seeking effective and natural solutions to remove them.

FERTILIZERS Do not forget the fertilizer. Even the flower hanging baskets need nutrients that help them grow healthy. Water-soluble fertilizers are the best. They provide quickly the necessary nutrients for your plants. Today, slow release fertilizers are becoming increasingly more popular for flower hanging baskets. There are necessary only two applications of the pellets. One when you buy your basket and another at the end of June or early in the July.

VACATION-PROOF YOUR BASKETS That can be a problem. But fortunately, it is a solution. If you intend to go away for a few days, take your flower baskets down and put them on the soil somewhere in the shade. Water them thoroughly before leaving. This may be enough for most of the plants to last almost a week.

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