How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Neat when You Cook

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your house. It is the room where you spend a great deal of time. In this room, you perform your culinary talent and spend unforgettable moments with family and friends. Therefore, it is extremely important that your kitchen to be clean. In fact, a clean kitchen is far more important than an ultra modern and equipped kitchen.

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Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen, especially when cooking is critical to your family health.

Of course, nobody likes to cook in a dirty kitchen. Moreover, nobody likes to clean a messy and dirty kitchen. Just imagine the mountain of dirty dishes and kitchen tools waiting to clean them. For many of us is an impossible chore.

Usually, clutter and debris accumulate when cooking many dishes and we do not clean while cooking.

In fact, everything depends on good organization.  It is an old saying that says something like that “If you want something to be well done, then you must proceed correctly from the beginning”.

Therefore, if you are well organized from the beginning, you can avoid many headaches eliminating much part of the potential mess. Lack of preparation is leading to a cluttered and dirty kitchen.

Let’s see together several tips that can help you to maintain a clean and clutter free kitchen.

1. Have at Hand all the Necessary Ingredients:

First, take out from the cabinets, all the necessary ingredients. You need to have at hand your ingredients before cooking. This will eliminate some stress.

No need to look for something that you miss while you are preoccupied with cooking. Imagine opening the doors and drawers of your cabinets in hurry and with dirty hands.

Only in this way, you can eliminate from the very beginning a lot of mess.

2. Measure the Needed Amount of Ingredients Before Starting:

Check your kitchen recipes before you begin. Make sure you have the exact amount of the necessary ingredients.

In this way, you will be eliminating the need to look after measuring cups and kitchen scales, while cooking.

3. Reuse Your Bowls:

You can free a lot of space in your kitchen if you reuse some of bowls. Instead of using six or more bowls, consider using fewer.

However, you use these bowls to mix your ingredients and with a good organization, you can re-use them even without having to wash them.

This is great if you have little countertop space. Two-three bowls instead of six make a big difference.

Lack of space can lead to many accidents. You can spread the flour or sugar on the kitchen floor or you can drop the oil bottle. In a word you can make a lot of mess.

4. Wash Your Dishes and Cookware as You Finish Using Them:

Do not leave your dirty dishes and cookware to gather in a huge pile. Wash them as you use.

When you are done cooking, you will be amazed how much work and mess can thus eliminate in this way.

Keep your counter clean and wipe immediately any spill. Remove all the time the accumulated debris from the sink.


With good organization, you can keep and maintain your kitchen clean most of the time, whether you cook a lot.

You need to know from beginning what to do. If you have prepared all the necessary quantities of ingredients, you will eliminate the potentially huge mess.

Cook and Clean & Clean and Cook. While cooking maintain order and cleanliness at all times. This is the key if you want having a clean and neat kitchen without much hassle.

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