How to Choose the Best Firewood Logs for Your Fireplace

What can be more enjoyable for you than sitting around a burning fireplace with your family and friends? But, how to choose good wood logs for your fireplace?

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Don’t rush and buy the cheapest fire wood. It can cost you. You don’t want to see your living room in a cloud of smoke. Also, when you are using wet wood in your fireplace, the water contained in the wood turns to steam and your room will be filled with a mixture of steam and unburned particles. Therefore, this wet wood or unseasoned wood will produce less heat and a lot of mess (creosote). Use only “seasoned wood” which is dried properly and will burn efficiently.

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How to Choose the Best Firewood:

What is important when you are choosing fire wood?

1. First of all, seasoned wood is a dried wood, therefore is light in weight. Check its weight. However, don’t buy ever wood by weight. Remember the wet wood (unseasoned wood) is heavier than dried wood (seasoned wood).

2. Touching seasoned wood feels dry and in the same time hard.

3. Knock on wood. The seasoned wood should have high resonance and an unseasoned wood as a thud.

4. Seasoned wood has characteristic cracks across the tree rings, especially in hardwood types of wood.

5. Look at the wood bark condition. Bark should be hard and crisp. If the wood layer beneath bark is green, that means the wood is still wet.

6. However, the best way to check the wood is using a moisture meter.

7. The best time to buy wood is summer. It is an old saying: “You should buy the sledge in the summer and the cart in the winter”.

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