How to Paint a Window Wooden Frame

Your home window wooden frames look old and worn? Don’t worry. There are several methods of making a window wooden frame painting a simple and easier job.  All you need is the right tools and materials. In fact, that can help you decisively.

Woman painting a window frame
Window Frame Painting

As with most aspects of home decorating, preparation is the most important step. Therefore, sanding the old paint, filling holes and undercoating, in other words a good preparation, is critical for doing a good job, the achieving of a high quality top coat.

More than that, similar methods with the one employed here may also be used on other woodwork tasks, such as skirting boards, wooden window architraves and doors.

Tools & Materials

– Sandpaper or Scouring Pads;
– Lining Fitch; Window Scraper (only optional);
– Dusting Brush; Household Brush; Filing Knife; Clean Cloths;
– All Purpose Filler or Filler for wooden Surfaces;
– Undercoat; Primer; Emulsion Paint;
– Angled Paint Brush (Fitch Brush);


1. How I have mentioned above, preparation is extremely important. Therefore, using sandpaper or scouring pads, scrub thoroughly the window frame, from the old and dried paint.

2. Using all purpose filler or filler for wooden surfaces fill any holes or chips in the window frame.

3. Rub again the surface thoroughly with scouring pads or sandpaper until you achieve a very smooth finish.

4. Using a soft and dry brush or a dusting brush prepare a clean dust-free surface. However, also use some clean cloth to make sure that the window frame is perfectly clean.

5. If your window frame is new then you can apply directly a primer coat. If the wooden frame is quite old and repaired many times over the years, then you should apply first an undercoat. However, today you can find primers and undercoats available as a single product.

Make sure that you apply the undercoat or primer gently and smoothly because it will have a great impact on the quality of your work in general.

6. Allow time to dry. Then sand lightly using a fine sandpaper and wipe the dust with a clean cloth.

7. Apply carefully the emulsion paint top coat, using an angled paint (a fitch brush). Try not to touch the wall or the glass. However, when the paint is dried, use a scraper to remove the paint that has accidentally splashed on the glass.


  1. Using a scraper is always more indicated than masking tape. Why? Because, sometime masking tape strips leave a sticky residue on the surface of glass that is quite difficult to scratch it and remove it.
  2. You should start to paint a wooden frame as early as possible to have enough time to dry during the day.
  3. Do not close a newly painted window frame before the paint is dried, otherwise the window sashes can stick together and your paintwork will be spoiled.

Painting wooden frame will make your old windows look great once again, thus improving the overall appearance of your home.

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