Make Your Own Biogas Digester

What is Biogas?

Biogas is a mixture of gases, mainly methane (70%) and carbon dioxide (30% CO2).

It is produced by plant and animal wastes.

Biogas is one of unconventional and renewable energy.

The biogas production technology from animal husbandry wastes is a potential solution to the current energy crisis worldwide.

History of Biogas

Biogas has been used for more than 200 years. .Before the usage of electricity, people in London drew biogas from sewer pipes and burns it in street lamps.

In China biogas plants are very popular way to utilize human, animal and plant waste.

Using Biogas at Home

Biogas is mainly used for cooking purpose at home, particularly in the rural areas. In fact, biogas is cleaner than traditional cooking gas as it produces nearly no pollution.

It is advised to use food waste and plant waste to produce biogas at home. Biogas production also known as anaerobic digestion (without oxygen), is a process in which a bio-digestible matter (biomass) is transformed by bacteria to biogas.

It is done in reactors called bio-digesters. You can use all the waste biomass: cut grass; waste water (black water). The remaining digestate is very rich in nutrients and can be used as a fertilizer.

Many ranch owners wish to make biogas and they can do it. All you need is some animals (horses, cows, a few goats or pigs and chickens) and you can supply enough manure to make a substantial amount of biogas that can be used anywhere natural gas is used, or propane with a few adjustments.

You Can Make Your Own Digester

1/ It is made from a steel drum and one or more inner tubes. The bio-digestible matter is supplied to the drum and the biogas is stored in the inner tube(s). This type is not suitable for continuous use, after one batch of waste biomass is digested you have to empty the drum and fill it again with fresh feedstock.

2/ The underground pit with three openings:

– One to feed the waste biomas
– Second to remove the digestate
– Third to supply the biogas to your house

The produced biogas is stored inside the pit, in the large chamber, above the surface of bio-digestible material, and supplied from there when needed. This type is suitable for continuous use.

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