How to Paint Your Home Concrete Foundation

A discolored, old, gray and boring concrete foundation can affect the overall look of your home, decreasing its curb of appeal. A smart and easy solution is to paint your concrete foundation.

Cleaning and painting of your foundation will increase definitely the look of your home.

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It is an extremely easy operation, not too much different from painting other concrete surfaces such as a concrete wall or driveway.

You can do it yourself with a good preparation.

Things You Need:

Shovel; Garden House (Pressure Washer); Wire Brush; Concrete Patch; High Quality Sealer; Exterior Primer; Exterior Paint (specific for concrete surfaces); Paint Tools (brush, roller, paint tray)

1/ Of course, surface preparation is the first step.

Start cleaning your home foundation:

– Pull any dirt and weeds away from the house foundation. Use a shovel and scrape all the dirt along the foundation. Make sure also, you have pulled out all the weeds and grass.
– Use a garden house or a pressure washer to clean and wash the concrete surface. Use also, a strong plastic or wire brush and brush thoroughly the foundation. Your paint will have to adhere to the concrete surface, and therefore, you need a perfectly clean concrete surface.
– Allow time to your concrete foundation to dry.

2/ Use a concrete patch and repair all the cracks and chips in the concrete foundation. Check the manufacturer instructions for applying and the drying time.

Do not pay attention to hair thin cracks. The paint will cover these thin cracks.

However, if you have any doubts regarding your foundation integrity, it is a good idea to ask a construction contractor for advice.

3/ The next step is the sealing of the concrete foundation. Use a specific sealer for concrete. Allow time to dry.

Then, you need to apply a primer coat before painting. Use only, a high quality concrete sealer.

4/ Now you have a plan, clean and prepared concrete surface perfect to be painted.

Use only a good quality of exterior paint especially made for concrete.

If your home foundation is not a continue foundation and it is made from concrete blocks then you need first to paint the joints and their grooves. Use a paintbrush for this job. Otherwise, you can use a paint roller and for sure, you will do a great job.

Allow time to your first paint coat to dry and then you can apply the second coat and let it dry.

You will be pleasantly surprised how well it has improved the overall look of your home.”

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