How Can You Cover Concrete Steps with Bricks

Although concrete is one of the strongest construction material concrete steps last many years, they don’t have all the time a nice look. Cover Concrete Steps with Bricks

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Choose the Right Bricks

First of all, you need the right bricks. Bricks aren’t the same. They have different sizes or thickness.

Measure carefully your steps. It is important that, the space between the top step and the threshold to be equal or bigger than brick thickness. If the space is smaller you can choose another option such as brick veneer material, which is thinner than traditional brick (almost ½-thick). Because brick veneer is so thin, the installation process is similar with tilling.

However, if you prefer that you can attach traditional bricks on the left and right sides of the steps and tile with veneer bricks the treads and tops on the stairs.

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Prepare the Concrete Surface

You need to prepare the concrete surface for a properly adhesion.

First of all, remove the old paint with chemical stripper and rinse well with a pressure washer. Pressure washer will remove all dirt and grime. First prepare in a bucket, a mixture from degreasing cleaner and water and scrub well with a brush. Rinse well with clear water.

Concrete steps preparation is critical. Fill cracks and holes with a mixture from patch compound and acrylic fortifier.

Bricks Applying

Prepare only the quantity of mortar you need at a time. Usually, mortar has in composition cement which hardens quickly.

For the left and right sides of the steps apply mortar on the back side and top edge of the brick and press them gently against the concrete. Use a level for correction. It is a good idea to use spacers between rows. In this way you can create straights rows. It is very important when you reach the top of the steps to have straight rows. Scrape off the excess mortar from joints.

For treads or tops of the step the process is easier. You should only, to spread a thin layer of mortar and press the bricks or the veneer bricks into it.


Your job is almost done. You need only to remove the excess mortar from joints and allow time to be completely dried. Let the mortar to cure for 30 days and remove the rest of the mortar with a solution from muriatic acid (one part muriatic acid and ten parts water). Apply this solution to the excess mortar, scrub with a stiff brush and rinse well with a lot of water.

Warning: Follow the precautions when you are using acid muriatic; acid muriatic is a toxic substance.