Advantages of choosing a dark wall color (part2)

Dark walls – something unusual and mysterious, something you are keen to try but you are unsure and afraid that it will not fit in your home décor.

Maybe our article can help you to make your mind.

Here, it is the second part of the article.

Read this article and get inspiration and tips to use dark colors in your home interior decor.

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Sooth and cozy your home interior with a dark color.

It is a fact. In a home interior with dark walls, it is easier to rest and relax. Therefore, a dark color wall fits very well, especially in a bedroom. With cool green tones or dark blues hues on the walls, a calming, serene and relaxing feeling is created, which obviously contributes to better night sleep.

Let’s take now the dining room or a living room. Here, it is also a great idea to invest in a dark color. It will bring charm and elegance. After all, any living space that you often use in the company of others, especially in the evening can be suitable when it comes to dark wall colors.

Dark colors are more forgiving against rough and uneven surfaces.

A dark color painted wall is more forgiving against an uneven surface. So, if you have rough and uneven wall surfaces that leave little to be desired, a dark color can hide some of the imperfections. Remember always to choose a plain not a glossy paint as much as possible to reduce the amount of light that is reflected back. The darker the nuance you choose, the more clearly the color shine is visible. So, I definitely recommend only matte colors on the room walls. It creates a soft and cozy atmosphere, and all the shadows are smoothed out.

Dark walls tie together diverse home interiors and highlight them.

Another advantage of a dark colored walls is that it ties the living space areas together and creates a stable, safe background for the rest of your home interior. With a background of dark colored walls, your light color furniture and other interior details are highlighted in a different way than a light-colored wall can do.

Dark walls create excitement and wow.

Furnishings and a color palette without any contrasts can quickly become boring. We need color contrasts for an interesting look. With a dark color on the room walls combined with light colors of the furniture and on interior decorating accessories and several other elements in mid tones, you can create the necessary contrasts and create something interesting and exciting.

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