How to Paint Your Home Easily

Paint is a major part of a renovation. Is important not only to repair, but to give a fresh look to the interior and exterior elements, primarily walls and façade.

Wall colors and how they blend in the entire house is the most important element of decoration. You can use a wide spectrum of decorating or redecorating ideas. They will infuse a pleasant atmosphere, whether you intend to get warmth and intimacy, or you want to be in step with fashion trends.

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Painting is a great option for your home walls, if you want to improve the overall look of your home. A smart option is to paint your home walls with decorative paint, preferably in bold colors such as pink, orange, green or turquoise. If you choose solid colors, it is advisable to paint just one wall, the rest can remain white, not to create a tiring atmosphere. In rustic house, painting walls white may seem trivial, but it will give a great effect.


House façade has always had both an aesthetic role, giving a personal touch of the house exterior, and a practical one, the protection. A façade protect your home from the destructive action of external agents such as rain, snow and sunlight, especially UV rays. It is therefore important not only color, but also the quality of paint used. For facades you can also use a wide range of good quality paint types.

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The acrylics have the advantage that they can be thinned with water. This can also be done with solvents, but in this case, the drying time is longer. Application is quite easy, and has a great coverage ability, having also a fungicide and algaecide aspect. Besides protecting the masonry, painting can also  influence the thermal regime of the house. A white façade will fully reflect the sunlight, while a darker one absorbs the sun’s heat, increasing the indoor temperature. Colors have an important effect on insects: flies avoided blue and mosquitoes are attracted to yellow-orange surfaces.


Acrylic paint gives a nice finish and is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to change the look of the interiors. If you have some minimum knowledge you can paint easily your home.

For this operation to succeed a good painting job needs the surface to be painted, to be in good condition, no mold or efflorescence and not uneven. It also must be clean and dry, to have a uniform color and a low degree of absorption as. If the wall is wet, you need to see the cause. However, the safest solution is its isolation. If mold is present, use products anti-mold or a solution of bleach and water (25% chlorine).

If the wall is brittle, it is recommended to replace the affected surface. Cracks must be cleaned and sealed with plaster. If the crack is deeper you will apply fiberglass tape reinforcement. After drying, plaster the repaired area and smooth it with sandpaper.


1. Protective Tape: Apply protective tape. If the ceiling and the walls are painted in different colors, the edge between the ceiling and walls should be insulated with an adhesive tape (painter tape), in order to achieve the delimitation of these two colors.

2. Protect the floor: The same type of tape should be applied where the wall meet the floor. You can also protect your hardwood floor with sheets of paper or plastic.

3. Preparing the Paint: Paint is prepared according to the manufacturer instruction. This is poured into a special tray that is fitted with a grill to remove the excess paint from the roller.

4. Start Your Painting: It is recommended painting the top down, in successive squares of side 1 m, from a corner, for example, from the left corner to the right if you are right-handed.

5. Painting: The operation continue until your wall is totally painted . After applying vertical strips, return to the same surface with horizontal movements. Finally, the vertical smoothing motion.

6. Painting meeting areas: You don’t have enough room to use an ordinary roller, so you can use a smaller one or simply a brush.

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