How to turn the entrance hall into a beautiful and practical space

Practical and functional solutions for the entrance hall

Are you tired of an unorganized entrance hallway?

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One of the practical and functional solutions is to spice up the décor of the entrance hallway.

After all, with shoes and outwear, your hallway space can become cluttered very quickly.

How to avoid that?

With the help of practical and multifunctional furniture that can save precious space and create extra storage. I am speaking about benches with hidden compartment wall mounted shelves, etc.

Your entrance hallway will look stylish and inviting.

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Storage and Design

Because usually we are dealing with a small space, it is a good idea to have enough storage for all the stuff from shoes and outwear to accessories and practical things such as keys, bicycle, helmets, etc.

Take advantage of the hallway height with tall wall-mounted shelves and hooks.

The space will look bigger and gives you precious extra-space on the floor.

Console tables and benches

A console table with space for small things such as keys, papers, etc., is nice and also a practical solution.

It does not take too much from the space, not to mention that you have a lot of space under the table for boxes and baskets.

Alternative, a narrow bench with hidden storage can work in the same way.

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