How to Protect Your Home in the Event of Severe Summer Weather

We know that summer weather can change sometimes rapidly, especially if you are living in areas that are frequently, exposed to severe weather vagaries. Who is living in Florida knows very well what it means severe summer weather. There are years when Florida faces no less than three or four hurricanes and tropical storms.

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However, not all areas face heavy storms or hurricanes, but summer heat can create quite quickly powerful storms that can make serious damages to your home. Although, you cannot ever be fully prepared to face major hurricanes and tornadoes, tough you should take some precautions to protect your property from severe summer weather. Only in this way, you can limit and even avoid damages that may occur.

1| Trim Your Tree Branches

Tree limbs are extremely dangerous and can do a lot of damage. Imagine a tree branch hitting your home windows or the roof continuously in high winds. Therefore, a good idea is to trim all the tree limbs that could cause damages such as diseased or dead branches that can be ripped off and become projectiles.

2| Be Prepared with enough Supplies to Board Up Your Home

It is a smart idea to be prepared in advance with all necessary materials to board up rapidly your home if you are forced to do it such as:

  • wooden boards;
  • – tools and screws – keep them in a handy place;
  • sand bags – filled and stacked;

If you will secure your home rapidly and efficiently, you will avoid a major damage.

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3| Secure Your Shed and Doghouse

Secure any annex in your household such as doghouses or sheds tying them down with the help of two or three tie-down cables moored into the ground. You need only a few cables and stakes to secure them. They are inexpensive but extremely efficient.

4| Have a Safe Place where You Can Store Your Outdoor Furniture

Like tree branches, outdoor furniture pieces can become missiles in the event of high winds. It is imperative to have a place where you can store all your plants and outside furniture such as garage or a shed. In fact, you need to keep your backyard free of loose objects that can be extremely dangerous during storm season.

5| Secure the Garage Door

Garage door with its flat, wide surface can be blown in quite easily. In fact, more than 80% of windstorm or hurricane damages are caused by wind entering through the shattered garage doors.

The best is to procure a storm-resistant garage door but vertical bracing systems can protect also effectively your garage door.